Sunday reading

It's Oscar night ...


The only things I cared about were Jon Stewart's comedy and Diablo Cody winning the award for best original screenplay. Both played out just the way I'd hoped -- Stewart was funny and Cody won. But there were a few bonuses, too -- I loved Amy Adams singing the Happy Working Song (she was adorable!) and it also was great seeing Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform their song from "Once" ... And then winning for it! ... And then seeing Stewart bring Irglova back out to the microphone for a second chance at giving an acceptance speech!

All great moments.

Some of the good reads that caught my eyes during the last couple weeks ...

Baseball ...
a Look who's in LA-LA land
a Fewer WGN games means more revenue ... Yeah, but it sucks for Cubs fans not living in the Chicago area.
a Pettitte praised by Congress, but hits are coming soon
a Ten key points that were missed during the hearings
a Prosecutors file new details in Bonds case
a The bottom line on Clemens' statistical performance
a Whether on mound or Hill, Clemens is the same man
a 'You can tell your boys I did it the right way' Or not.
a Lot of misremembering going on, but Clemens is the one doing it
a Hank Aaron Believes Baseball Can Move On
a Wood favored in competition for closer
a Carlos Zambrano ready to be ace Cubs need
a Soriano reports early to Cubs camp
a Kosuke Fukudome launches Cubs' career
a Lee could drop to cleanup as part of Cubs' lineup shuffle
a Ranking the best general managers in the game... Yep. Theo Epstein, hands down.
a Bonds' value significantly deflated

Music ...
a Soundtrack making star of Kimya Dawson
a Fans love Carpenters, not carpenters ... I love the Carpenters! Save the house!

TV ...
a 'Lost': Mind-Blowing Scoop From Its Producers

Movies ...
a A year for hot movie scripts
a Not just anyone can be an actor
a The Oscars: A dark view on dark times
a Lindsay Lohan nude in recreated Marilyn Monroe photo shoot

The Internet ...
a What Facebook Knows That You Don't

Politics ...
a Clintons' bias card has basis
a Obama Fever Is Breaking On the Web
a Obama's Missing Ideas
a It will be tough getting used to life without Hillary Clinton, a candidate so perfect that few could identify with her

Life & other stuff ...
a Red-letter day for Blu-ray
a A kiss is just a kiss

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