Sunday reading

It's 1 degree outside. Perfect for an afternoon inside, preparing and sorting through more baby stuff ...

Here's some of the stories and headlines that caught my eyes during the last couple weeks ...

The Super Bowl ... (Such a great game ... How can we not still be talking about it!?)
a 4th-quarter pass to Tyree is one of the great plays of all time ... "You cannot watch it enough. Or fail to be astonished, at just how clutch that signature play of Super Bowl XLII really was."
a The name of the game is greed ... Amen.
a Former Giants GM not saying 'I told you so' about Manning
a Ten legacies shattered by upsets ... Excellent history lesson in some of sports biggest upsets ...

Sports, in general ...
a Expectant in victory: Women's basketball coach still on the ball

Music & entertainment...
a Making A Case For Storied Tunes ... A good piece on Neko Case.
a Review: Sheryl Crow's 'Detours'
a Lohan: 'It's Like, What Was I Thinking?' ... Obviously she wasn't.
a 30 TV Shows You'd Bring Back from the Grave... I was thinking Early Edition before I even started looking through this slideshow. I would totally bring it back -- along with Boomtown, and two not on the list, Committed (a hilarious sitcom that NBC never gave a chance) and -- hello! -- Ed.

Politics ...
a Ask Not . . . What the Press Can Do For Obama
a Why Republicans Like Obama
a Primary pleasures
a Relative Power: We Elect Our Leaders, and Dynasties Are Few, but Sometimes Ascension Looks Like an Inheritance
a Romney's Parting Shot

Life & other stuff ...
a Chicago: The World's Kind of Town?
a Kids Can't Focus These Days. Then Again, Neither Can I. ... pretty much.
a Worth the Paper It's Printed On ... A good argument against a paperless society.
a Spending a night at Trump's place ... and the accompanying blog.

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