Beat the November Blues...

My dad sent forwarded this to me and encouraged Kates to try some of this on her students. I would love to see it.

Funny stuff.


Man Resolves To Read The Wikipedia Tabs He Already Has Open Before Starting New Ones

Onion headlines are even funnier when it references something I do myself ...
HILLSBORO, TX—Stopping mid-click and forcing himself to finish the entry for Motown, local man Keith Hayes resolved on Friday to get through the six Wikipedia tabs he already had open in his browser before starting any new ones. “No, no, no. I can’t just keep firing up new tabs whenever something in the text seems interesting,” said Hayes, adding that the entry for The Funk Brothers would have to wait until he’d completed those for Agent Orange, Jim Thorpe, Pseudoscience, Machu Picchu, and The Gemini Program first. “I need to get it together and have some discipline. It’s already crowded up there. One or two more tabs, and I won’t even be able to see what’s what anymore.” At press time, Hayes had clicked a link under References and was sucked into an entirely new website.


Feeling blue

So the Houston Astros won the World Series last night.


After an undeniably thrilling series ...

... the Dodgers had nothing left for Game 7. Yu Darvish, who certainly didn't have my confidence after Game 3, was terrible and helped seal the Dodgers' fate. It didn't help, either, that L.A. couldn't get the big hits when they needed them. Cody Bellinger couldn't seem to hit a grapefruit.

Had someone hit a gap or dropped a home run in the seats when the bases were full of Dodger runners during those first three innings, this would be a far different post. It was a series of lost opportunities for the Dodgers.

I thought it was most anti-climactic, worst Game 7. Ever.

Yeah, it was fun to see the Astros win. It was a long time coming for them. They have a great team with fun-to-watch, young talent. It's great for the city of Houston, after all its people have been put through since Hurricane Harvey. ... And there's the whole Sports Illustrated prediction thing. I vividly remember receiving that edition and thinking at the time, "What the ...!?" It was fresh on my mind throughout this series and now it's legend.

But I really wanted to see the Dodgers win, and -- after watching so much of their dream season -- I truly believed they would. Maybe next year. ... Even though Sports Illustrated already is picking an Astros repeat. (Is it me or doesn't that happen after every World Series - that some analyst caught in the glory of "the best series we've seen in recent memory" proclaims "This is a talented team that is built to win for a long time and I believe the will be back here next year!" I'm pretty sure we heard it last year with the Cubs, the Royals and numerous teams before them ... )

Here's a fun Astros' fans guide to glory. I can definitely relate to this after the Royals' big win in 2015.

Still, let's all remember we are in a Golden Era of Cubs baseball, too.