And the world spins madly on

Add this one to my list of the funniest commercials I’ve ever seen …

This morning, Kates and I are watching our DVR recording of last night’s Letterman and we come across a commercial that goes like this:

It opens with a shot of an awkward-looking man walking along a village street. There are shots of villagers giving him odd looks, and for a moment the camera shows the man’s legs, which are gi-normous …

Then the man steps into this elevator-like cage, which plunges through the ground and shoots the man to this dark cavern-like place -- which you figure out later is the center of the Earth.

The man then steps from the cage and greets another man who is riding an elaborate type of stationary bike. There’s opera music playing, and there’s a shot of the man taking off his jacket as though he's about embark on some important task.

Suddenly, the man who was riding the stationary bike presses a button -- and there’s a montage of ordinary people doing ordinary things, and in every shot the person’s weight is shifting violently to the right … A man is taking a bath in a tub and he’s thrown against a wall. Another person is shown riding a bike that suddenly tips over.

Eventually, there’s a shot of the first man stepping onto the stationary bike, pressing the button again, and everything is back to normal …

The commercial ends with a shot of the world spinning, and a tag that reads “There’s a perfect job out there for everyone. Monster.”

And the conclusion hits you. The man’s job was to make the world go ‘round.

I laughed so hard and loved it so much we rewound the DVR and watched it twice.

And I found it on YouTube ...

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