About this blog

I'm a news junkie. I believe baseball is still the national past time. I think music is the greatest discovery ever made. I'm easily excited by simple things. I'm just an average, middle-class, family guy who makes his living by writing stories. This blog is my workshop.
This blog is about the music I hear, and the joy it brings me. It's about the sports I follow, and the ups and downs of my favorite teams.

This blog is about my family. My wife and our trials of raising two young daughters.

It's a place to share what I'm writing, what I'm reading and what I'm watching. The things I'm thinking. The things I photograph. The things that make me laugh. My beliefs. My aspirations. My fantasies. My memories. My favorite websites. It's about whatever.

It's a collection of things I think you should see. Things worth reading or hearing. This blog represents my thoughts and my opinions alone, and it does not represent the opinions of my employer.