Emotion vs. Reason On Durant

Like most, my initial reaction to the news this week of Kevin Durant's bolt from Oklahoma City to Golden State was a jaw drop and eye roll.

Now, I barely give a hoot about the NBA anymore. But after further reflection, why do any of us care so much about where Kevin Durant plays? No matter the career field, who doesn't want to go to work for a successful, winning team?

Will Leitch's Sports on Earth post here lays out an undeniable case.

 I especially love the parity argument ...
The NBA has never had parity. It has always been a star-driven league. Do you know how many franchises have won championships since 1980? Eleven. And four of those won only one. The Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Spurs, Rockets, Heat and Pistons have won 33 out of the last 37 last championships. You're worried about all 30 teams having a chance to win now?


Indians beat Blue Jays for 14th straight win

The Indians' 14-game winning streak is alive and well. All it took was 19 innings and more than six hours to get there.
Man, will the Indians ever lose? I turned on yesterday's game in the top of the 19th after noticing the Twitter chatter about it -- just in time to see Carlos Santana tee off of Darwin Barney for what proved to be the winning run.

The Indians' current winning streak is the longest in the American League since Oakland reeled off 20 wins in a row during the 2002 season. And they haven't lost a game since the Cavaliers won their NBA championship. Peg it on the wizardry of Terry Francona.

I think it's time to turn up the Wild Card watch for the Royals, whose road and injury woes are continuing after they dropped a 4-3 game in Philadelphia last night -- without Lorenzo Cain, who went down with a hamstring injury. Because it's going to take a 14-game losing streak by the Indians for the Royals to get back into the hunt to win the division.

And then there's Joe Maddon and the Cubs, who continue to remind how much fun baseball can be

(Update 07.07.2016) Since I posted this Saturday, the Indians' winning streak has been halted, but they appear, at this point, to be a team destined to follow the Cavaliers' championship celebration. .
The Tigers are still a threat, the Kansas City Royals are the reigning World Series champion, and the Chicago White Sox hold a winning record.
But they all are chasing Cleveland, and another major championship does not seem far-fetched anymore.
Baseball's second half is going to be interesting.