Sunday reading

Some of the reads that piqued my interest during the last couple weeks ...

Before the Super Bowl ...
a XLI Years Ago, the Super Bowl Was Just An X-Small ... a fascinating read.
a For Aikman, A Seamless Conversion
a '85 Patriots see themselves in '07 Giants
a Fans should be praying for Pats win
a Routs rare for perfect Pats
a Road-tested Giants oozing with confidence
a The Alternative: Great game ... if you like the Pats
a Stress of watching the big game can be hazardous to heart, research suggests ... Great. I'm doomed. It's not so much the Super Bowl -- it's the way I get into some of my Cubs and Jayhawks games that worry me ...

Baseball ...
a Tom Verducci: Team Clemens' latest defense doesn't prove anything ... equally interesting was that Pettitte now appears to be getting behind McNamee.
a Cashman should have pulled the trigger for Santana
a Top three spots set; back of Cubs rotation to be determined at camp

Music ...
a Orpheus Puts Down His Lyre (No More Records) ... There's few things like a good record store. And a good-sounding vinyl.
a Stephin Merritt, indie-rock's chameleon
a Stephen King's Top Tunes of 2007 ... he has great taste. There's also a photo gallery of some of his favorites here.

TV & film ...
a Striking Television Writers Have Different Story Lines But None of Them Knows How This Chapter Will End

Politics ...
a Barack Obama, Camelot's New Knight
a Kennedys for Clinton
a At SOTU, Obama's Clinton snub was the news ... whatever. This was the only place I saw anything of it.
a How to End the Gridlock
a Candidates' Tunes Hit A Few Sour Notes
a For John Edwards, A Moment of Truth
a Margaret Truman Daniel Dies at Age 83

Life & other stuff ...
a Bid to Replace Tomb Monument Stalls
a Lost Chicago, found on film
a Every snowflake tells own story
a Huge Lawsuit Could Change Handling of the Dead
a Genetic mutation makes those brown eyes blue
a Cable TV bills with a twist ... An interesting story from the aftermath of our tornadoes.

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