SNL: Tina Fey Sarah Palin impression kicks off latest episode

I think it would have fun to be with Tina Fey last week when she learned Sarah Palin was endorsing Donald Trump for president.

I imagine Tina said, 'Oh no she didn't!' Stopped what she was doing and headed directly for the SNL studio to prepare her latest Palin impression ... on an otherwise OK episode.

And last night, we were treated to this latest gem.


Are you for real, Wisconsin? No spirit.

I read recently about the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association's move to try limiting the chants aired at almost every high school and college basketball game in America ...

As a Wisconsin native -- and later a Kansas kid who lived for Friday nights employing many of these chants while cheering on my state champion high school basketball team -- I could only shake my head.

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt argued my thoughts wonderfully on this segment ...


The president's speechwriter

My work involves writing for a president, too. On a smaller scale.

Nonetheless, it's an important role. I take it seriously. And this video pretty well sums up how it works.