After the Super Bowl

Did I call it or what!? I know, me and a lot of other sports experts, but still ...

I'll laugh and roll my eyes at anyone who calls the Giants win shocking (Which a couple people already have as we're watching the postgame ...)

I'll grant that I would have been quite OK with the Patriots winning the game too and finishing off the rare perfect season. But the facts that the Giants came out of nowhere and caught fire in the playoffs, Eli Manning finally figured out how to play in the NFL and this was basically one of the best Super Bowl games ever makes it a lot more fun to soak up ...

The Giants did just about everything right tonight. And the Patriots couldn't find the holes.

I think Kates and I reacted the way just about everyone else in America did when Eli Manning somehow avoided that sack and launched a bomb that David Tyree somehow held onto ... and then Eli dumped a pass in the hands of Plexico Buress in the corner of the end zone to put the Giants ahead for good. A miraculous game-winng drive.

A game for the ages. Period.

* * *

So about those second-half commercials ...

1) Easily the E*Trade commercials with the talking baby. The first one with the little guy spitting up was funny, but the second one with the clown in the background really had me laughing out loud. Might have been my favorite of the whole night ...

2) The Coca-Cola commerical with the parade balloons chasing after the Coke bottle. So simple. So good.

3) Cars.com came through with another good one in the second half with the witch doctor.

And my honorable mention for the second half goes to the Bud Light commercial with the ability to fly.

On a side note, we saw a commercial for the upcoming Pixar film "WALL-E." Kates and I first saw the trailer when we caught "Juno" last weekend. How adorable is that little robot!? ... I so want to see it.

* * *

Kates spent part of the second half looking through the Sunday advertisments ...

And she found a couple inserts advertising a baby sale ...

"A baby sale!" she announced sarcastically. "I wonder how much!?"

Then later when she found a similar advertisment, "Oh, they're having a baby sale too! Buy two and save!"


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