A conversation with Baby

So the baby's been very active the last couple weeks, and Kates has been complaining the last several days that some part of him/her is pressing on Kates' right side. And when Kates brought this up again tonight I leaned into her belly and began having an improptu conversation with the baby ...

"Hi, Baby," I said.

"Can you hear me?" I said to the place where Kates says he/she is pressing.

Then I moved to the other side of her belly. "Can you hear me now?"

I moved to another spot. "Can you hear me now?"

"Do you like baseball?" I asked. No answer. Not even a kick.

"Do you like music?" No response to that either.

"Baby doesn't have to decide now," Kates said, rubbing her belly. "It's got a lot of time to decide what it wants to be."

I leaned in again. "No, Baby, you've got to decide now. You only have two months left in there."

I paused. "Do you like Ben Folds? Go Cubs."

"As long as it doesn't like golf," Kates said.

I leaned in once more. "Yeah, no golf. Golf's not a sport."

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Matt and Lynne said...

Sounds like a Mets fan in there...

That post made me laugh so hard.
Glad to hear everything's going well.