The Boys' Idol night

Season 7. “American Idol.” The top 12 boys debut tonight … I said after they were revealed last week that it was one narly bunch of guys, and they showed it

We started off with David Hernandez singing “Midnight Hour.” Didn’t like it. His performance was flat, and he looked like he was in pain.

Chikezie Eze. I wanna love Chikezie, but I have to agree with Simon: I hated the whole performance. It was very Loveboat.

David Cook sang “Happy Together” … Ugh. Terrible …

Ok. Excuse me for being the cranky music fan, but now they’re just murdering the songs. These guys are working so hard to make these songs their own, they’re totally disrespecting some of the great songs of the ‘60s. They’re ruining them

Jason Yeager sang “Moon River.” … All right, he was the first person to stay true to the song. But I thought his performance was just as bland. Forgettable.

Robbie Carrico sang “One” … Finally! The dude was one of my least favorite guys coming into the night, and he went and gave the performance of the night! His voice sounded good, he rocked out -- he just sang it!

David Archuleta sang “Shop Around” … Brilliant indeed. His words were a little jumbled, but we can look past that tonight (Like Kates just said, the judges are being all nicey nice tonight) … The kid’s a darling. He’s going to get a whoooooooole lot of voted.

Danny Noriega sang “Jailhouse Rock” … Also brilliant. Simon, grotesque?! What performance were you watching?! Danny’s got a great voice, he’s been one of my favorites since the beginning and I think he’s solidifying himself as a serious contender …

Luke Menard sang “Everybody’s Talking At Me.” … Great song. Decent version. But he was off key and completely forgettable.

Colton Berry sang “Suspicious Minds.” … Good song. Decent performance. I’m not a big Colton fan.

Garrett Haley sang “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” … Who is this kid and where did he come from? It took me half the performance to figure out what song he was singing because he slowed it down to a crawl. Awful … And cut the hair.

Jason Castro sang “What a Day For A Daydream.” … Very cool. I liked it. He’s got a Jason Mraz quality to him with his guitar strumming.

Michael Johns sang “Light My Fire” …Knowing that Michael Johns is arguably our favorite male in the competition, I winced a little before he was introduced. What if he totally flops?! I thought to myself. Nope, he nailed it. …

And so with one night down, here are my favorites …

1) Michael Johns
2) Jason Castro
3) David Archuleta
4) Robbie Carrico
5) Danny Noriega

Luke Menard and Garrett Haley are as good as gone.

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