From my Sunday morning newspaper

I’ve only been paying moderate attention to the Harriet Miers saga, but by all accounts I’ve heard or read: from beginning to end it was an utter disaster. So I laughed when I heard the news on the radio Thursday morning of her conceding the Supreme Court nomination …

… and then the indictment and resignation on Friday of Cheney’s chief of staff amid the ongoing investigation of the infamous CIA leak …

…And some people wonder why this era and administration is repeatedly being compared to Vietnam?? Watergate?? Nixon??

[I digress ... Speaking of Watergate, I, like just about anyone involved in the media, was fascinated when Mark Felt came out last spring as the infamous 'Deep Throat.' It's too bad The Washington Post didn't get the story, but they sure followed it up with some great stuff ...]

… All this of course made it more fun than usual to watch ‘SNL’ last night. Perhaps the best episode of the season thus far (not bad for only finding out on Saturday morning that Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow were hosting …), Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch as the Indigo Girls was HA-larious. And it only got better when Dratch impersonated Harriet Miers on Weekend Update and called out just about everyone on Bush’s staff aside from the cook and his dog!!

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