Sunday night tubin'

Don’t mind me. Just babbling about Sunday night TV …

West Wing’ … let the demise (and changeover) of the Bartlett administration begin. I never saw it coming that Toby was the leaker. And, geez, I figured the President would’ve had A COUPLE good words to say about Toby’s service. Guess not… Here's more.

Desperate Housewives’ … I tend to agree with most fans dissatisfaction about the beginning to the sophomore season thus far. But that aside, Felicity Huffman has been more fun to watch than ever. Call it her Emmy win opening my eyes or the writers just giving her scenes to shine. Either way she’s been pretty darn good … Oh yeah, and we know now who's in the basement.

Grey’s Anatomy’ … Yep. Still the best show on TV right now … and Go George!

Astros-White Sox, Game 2 … Just when you think a White Sox opponent might finally overtake the boys in black, Chicago catches another break and wins it. Ah, but if there’s any player on the Sox I’ll cheer for, it’s Scotty Po. Give him some credit: He got a good pitch from Brad Lidge and slapped it over the wall. You go, Scotty Po. …

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