Cleaning off my desktop of some links I've saved ...

... Here's two fun reads from Mark Patinkin, a good humor columnist I've recently been turned onto:
a I won't be pedaling up the Alps any time soon
a Dad's lament: Is it me or my wallet?

... I have a couple friends and acquaintances who could benefit from this article (Ignore that ringing cell phone) about cell phone etiquette. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my cell phone. But when I haven't seen you for several months, we have barely a dinner to see each other and you're spending more time on your cell phone with your buddy who lives across the street than you're paying attention to me, I'm going to be a little peeved ... and you'd better study up on why they created voicemail, or better yet, the 'off' button ...

... While researching the legend of Resurrection Mary for a recent story, I came across ghosttraveler.com, a listing of supposedly haunted locations throughout the United States. Fun site. Turns out I've been to quite a few of the spots mentioned in Illinois... Yahoo!

... Anybody remember those little peach figurines from the '80s called M.U.S.C.L.E.S.? Apparently, they were quite popular. I didn't know that then ... If I was so lucky during our family trips to Shopko, I sometimes convinced my parents to buy me a pack of these little creatures. Then I'd come home and set up my own WWF mat on a cardboard box flipped with its bottom up. I accumulated almost two dozen of the figurines ... the memories came rushing back recently when I found the little shoebox deep in a larger box of childhood items. And I found this site ( and this site) as I tried to figure out what the heck the things were so I could put them on eBay ... (...by the way, a new edition of 'I Love the '80s' starts on VH1 next Monday! Woo Hoo!)

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