(Frigid) Fright Fest

On a hot summer day -- I don’t care whether it’s free -- you won’t get me near Six Flags. I’m scared of roller coasters. … all of that changed tonight. Why? The roller coasters are closed for the season and Six Flags was having a free Fright Fest preview for media baby!

I’d never been to Six Flags and I hadn’t been to a haunted house since my senior year of high school, so there were plenty of surprises. … That and they should think about changing the name to Frigid Fest. It was freezin’!

For almost four hours myself and two of my cohorts roamed the park, mingling with the creatures and steering through the assortment of haunted houses and thrills. … We started with arguably my favorite thrill ride of the night, Superstition (formerly Stargate SG3000). If you’ve ever been on the ‘Back to the Future’ Ride at Universal Studios in Florida, you know what this ride entails -- a seat that rocks and rolls in sync with images on a movie screen … the Six Flags Fright Fest version puts you in what looks like mine shaft and a rail car, and it follows a rail car holding the infamous Elvira. There are plenty of deep drops and sudden turns to get your stomach churning, and then, just when the rail car slows enough to make you think it’s finally over, Elvira turns around and says, ‘You think it’s over, but it’s noooooooot.” … and the ride starts all over again.

From there, we barely made it in time to catch the showing of the Haunted Castle 3D Imax … it was worth it if you’re into 3D imagery -- it was probably the best and most complex 3D film I’ve ever seen. But if you’re looking for a good thought-provoking story, it’s 45 minutes you might want to think about spending elsewhere.

Next, we skipped out on the Scooby-Doo Mystery Train (darn!) to check out the ‘Curse of Sleepy Hollow 3D Haunted House.’ Again, lots of bright, pretty colors and cool 3D imagery. Buuuuut as for scariness? Not so much.

Between haunting, we took a stroll though ‘Necropolis: Haunted City of the Dead’ where Six Flags staff lurk dressed as zombies and scary creatures. What was more fun though was going up to all of the characters and saying, ’Hey, congratulations on your graduation’ (because the PR rep told us when the night started that the media night was kind of the characters’ graduation from ’fright school’). I actually got a couple of them to break a smile …

Then there was the Mausoleum of Terror Haunted House -- the only other thrill ride to really keep my attention during the night. This was a classic haunted house filled with dark, sharp turns, mirrors and a bridge across a swirling tunnel that makes you so dizzy, you end up stumbling down the stairs that follow … and to top it off, we were met at the exit door with a chainsaw-wielding zombie who chased us through a dark alleyway.

Finally (I’m getting really tired here and must go to bed …) the fallen giant. Basically -- it’s a gargantuan inflated man that people can walk through. … But’s it not that fun. Actually, I found it more stressful than it needed to be. The place is almost TOO dark, and we constantly found ourselves being misled to the emergency exits rather than the directions we were meant to go in …

Overall, on a Fright scale of 1 to 10, I give it 7 ½ scary points.

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