All you need is baseball

Could it have been a better end to the weekend!? … and the regular season for that matter.

I watched the first six innings of the Red Sox/Yankees game and saw Boston blow it open (I laughed and applauded Manny Ramirez‘s moon shot to centerfield -- see above -- like I was AT Fenway to see it), and then switched over to catch the last couple innings of the Washington/Phillies game and the White Sox finish off the Indians (Weren‘t we predicting the White Sox choke last week?), and then switched again to catch the last couple innings of the Cubs/Astros game before going back for the end of the Red Sox/Yankees game.

I loved every minute.

…I’d offer World Series predictions, but honestly I don’t care who makes it as long as it’s not the Yankees. Heck, for as well as the Braves have played this year with their lineup of rookies, I’d even enjoy seeing them in the Series for once … I will say, however, I fell in love with the championship Angels team of ’02 and the Red Sox of last year, and I’d happily take either of them winning it all again….But yeah, it would be cool to see the White Sox win one for Chicago, blah, blah, blah …

Here’s a few baseball stories I’ve read over the last couple weeks and really liked. Enjoy.
a Jim Donaldson: Manny's huge talent makes flaky part more palatable ( ... I love Manny)
a Brewers no longer losers (… my butt. Sure they were more exciting to watch this year than they have been in YEARS! … but 81-81 DOES NOT qualify for a winning record).
a As a supervillain, Bonds better than ever (…OK. So his knee didn’t crumble like a cupcake. And I still don’t think it’s right for him to be on the heels of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron … but he sure showed he can still hit.)
a Yankees have lost their direction ( … I stumbled across this 2-year-old story a couple weeks ago, but it’s still so true. I hate the Yankees.)
a Pitching for Glory
a Baseball focus of Senate hearing (… Why the heck is it so hard for the Union to accept Bud Selig’s proposal!? … I bet Don Fehr is a Yankees fan, that’s why.)


Anonymous said...

you can't make a prediction?!

it's gotta be Angels in the AL.

Bos & NY don't have enough starting pitching to get to Rivera, and uh, who is Boston's closer again?.

Chicago has been playing like crap for weeks (you can check my fantasy team & see Garland's and Buhehrlrehe's stats - they almost lost the league for me)

I will go with Houston in the NL
They have the best starting 1,2,3 of any team, and the team can hit... sometimes...

StL - too many injuries, not enough pitching

San Diego - dang horns, the Brewers would have only been a game out of the playoffs if they were in the west.

Atl - too young, injuries, enough pitching

it will be a good postseason, that is for sure

Anonymous said...

IMO, MLB should have revoked the NL West's playoff berth. Seriously -- It's a simple concept: No winning record, no playoff berth. What a joke. I mean, if the Royals were in the NL West.......oh wait. They STILL wouldn't have made the playoffs. (Damn.)