Baseball coma

It doesn't get much better than this ...

I'm on an extended lunch break because I racked up some overtime last night, watching the Cardinals-Padres open the playoffs, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan broadcasting ...two hot dogs for lunch. All I need is a beer ... too bad I gotta go back to work in another hour ...

Yes, Tom, a baseball coma ...

Alright, Alright ... (I know I said last night I didn't want to make any predictions. Truth is, I wasn't in the mood and I was too busy paying attention to the Packers go 0-4. Yeah, it was good to see Favre still has some magic in that aging arm of his...) So here's my predictions:

ALDS: Boston beats Chicago in five, Anaheim takes the Yankees in four.
NLDS: St. Lou takes the Padres in four, Houston beats Atlanta in five.

ALCS: Anaheim takes Boston in six
NLCS: St. Louis over Houston in seven.

World Series champs: The Cardinals are good, darn good. They can hit, for sure, but what's more is their defense up the middle, capped with Edmonds (greatest center fielder ever?) in the outfield. But I've gotta give the edge to Anaheim - good pitching, strong hitting. They can play small ball and Mike Scioscia knows how to manage. Plus they got World Series experience, heart, awesome fans and the Rally Monkey!

PS: This story is good too. Buck Showalter knows EXACTLY what he's doing (crapping on the Yankees). And Brian Cashman is a smart man.


Anonymous said...

Coach Meier should have stopped my last Cross Country race my Junior year so I could walk off the course to a standing ovation.

Anonymous said...

PS - thanks for your predictions :)