The mourning after

And so it is. Let the mourning begin …

The Angels couldn’t hit, the White Sox pitching dominated and the Sox are heading to the World Series.

And the Sox got too many breaks to count. The botched strike 3 call in Game 2. A whole slew of bad calls in Game 4

I’m about as passionate a baseball fan as they come -- that much most people know about me. But that passion is, well, like a fire when it comes to the postseason. And every year when the postseason arrives, sometimes starting with the September pennant races, one way or another I end up falling head over heals for some feisty, fun-to-watch team that I paid only mild attention to during the regular season.

It’s happened year after year. The 1988 Dodgers, the 1990 Reds, the 1993 Phillies, the 1997 Indians, the 2001 Diamondbacks, the 2002 Angels, the 2004 Red Sox …

When they win, I‘m so ecstatic, you can‘t rip the smile off my face for days. When they lose, I’m dropped nearly to the point of tears and devastation …

The 2005 Angels were my team.
a Angels beaten in every way by White Sox
a Chicago wins AL pennant

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Anonymous said...

dude. Persinski McCheaterson... what an ass.

I hope Houston gets in tonight and has time to rest their arms & destroy the Wuss Sox.