Help me out, I'm lost



The crazy ‘Dharma Initiative’ film (did you see the polar bears!?) and the look on Jack’s face, followed by Locke saying ‘We’re going to have to watch that again’ were priceless. Heck yeah, I wanted to watch it again! It was arguably the best scene we’ve seen in the first three episodes of the season …

Meanwhile the story going with Sawyer, Michael & Jin is moving a snail’s pace …

And I’m getting pretty sick of Jack’s king of pessimism attitude. If he keeps trying to fight fate, his demons and everything else he can’t stand about the island, I predict he’ll end up shooting himself in the head within a couple more episodes. Just chill out, man …You’re not going anywhere, so you better learn to soak up the sun and live with it.

And ‘Invasion’ …? ….Eh.

I’m just not getting into it. It’s like the good-looking girl that you date, but you can’t commit because you just don’t feel any chemistry with her.

… well, Murial obviously found some chemistry with the water. Geez, she was practically making out with it the whole show!

…It’s not as fast-paced as ‘Lost’ and I find it somewhat predictable. Plus the little girl that plays Rosey ruins just about every scene she’s in. As far as I can tell, the only purpose she has on the show is to see ‘the lights’ and be cute … Other than that, she’s just annoying.

Thank you and good night.

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Anonymous said...

Horns -- Lost is my FAVORITE! I hope you watch tonight's eppy...Hurley's dream was a TRIP! I LOVE IT. Enjoy the baseball playoffs!