Dream weekend

Kates is upstairs decorating the house for fall and I'm downstairs watching the Red Sox and Yankees battle it out ...

Game No. 160. Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox and Indians fighting for their lives and three playoff spots with three games to go ... It does NOT get any better than this ...

More baseball ...
Twins still squeezed in game's 'golden era'
Everyone's invited to the parity party
Indians' rally has heartbroken Cleveland believing again

News of the weird ... this is HA-larious!

City Officials Who Know How to Make News of the Weird: Mayor Felipe Santolia of Espertantina, Brazil, declared last May 9 as "Orgasm Day," pointing out that orgasms seem to make people happier and more productive. And Mayor Gabor Mitynan of a municipal district in Budapest, Hungary, declared in August that female workers should not wear revealing skirts to work unless they have "completely perfect legs," nor crop tops unless they have "well-trained bellies." [ABC News-AP, 5-9-05] [Reuters, 8-26-05]

Catching up on my political cartoons ...

Here's a crazy story from this morning's K-News...

A toddler was successfully extracted from a ventilation duct by the Kenosha Fire Department on Thursday night.

Officials had not released the name of the family involved by press time Thursday night.The young girl, approximately 1 year old, was on the second floor of a house in the 6400 block of 11th Avenue when she fell through a cold air return at about 7:20 p.m., said Kenosha Fire Battalion Chief John Poltrock.

A grate to cover the vent had been removed, forming an approximately 8-by-10-inch hole in the floor, Poltrock said.The girl fell from the second floor level about eight feet into the ductwork and was trapped in the ducts just below the first floor.

Fire personnel then evaluated where they could cut through the sheet metal without causing any injury to the toddler. Rescue personnel cut into the ductwork from the basement. Fire personnel then extracted the girl safely, Poltrock said.

The girl was alert, awake and "crying profusely" during the extraction process and was transported to a hospital for further examination, Poltrock said.

While there was no further detailed medical information, Poltrock said the toddler's injuries appeared to be minor despite her ordeal.

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