The end of the world as we know it?

... Before I go for what could be my last night of sleep on this Earth ...

Here's a story I caught on the NBC News tonight ...

It seems a group of researchers have constructed a 17-mile tunnel under Switzerland -- a "particle-smasher," they're calling it -- to try to learn how the universe formed. But, the story goes, it "could create microscopic black holes that some fear would gobble up the planet."

There's also an interactive about the thing on msnbc.com.

Here is the segment from NBC News tonight -- minus Brian Williams' quip that closed the segment and the newscast: "Let's hope they know what they're doing."

Sweet dreams.

(By the way, I watched the Cubs lose tonight, and now the Reds have finally taken a lead on the Brewers in the 11th inning of their game. Seriously, what gives? Does anyone want to win the NL Central?)

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