Sunday reading

Here they are, a special Labor Day edition of my Sunday reading ...

Sports ...
a Can you hear me now? Radio calls in NFL defenders' helmets
a Thumbs down on Jay Mariotti and his final scene ... this is a great read from Roger Ebert regarding Jay Mariotti's resignation from the Sun-Times
a Mariotti: Love-hate even in exit
a How do '08 Patriots move on? 'You improve by winning it all'
a Maybe the Cubbies aren't so lovable after all ... From my old pal Joe Posnanski.
a Replay is good, needed first step ... I agree, but it shouldn't go any further than boundary calls.
a Derrek Lee sees truth in Obama's statement ... Sadly, I agree with Obama, too. But I am one of the few people who go there to actually watch the baseball ...

Olympics ...
a USA looks back then ahead
a A Win for U.S. Swimmers and Black Children, Too ... This is a good read stemming from that amazing swim relay that started the Beijing Olympics.
a Suits swimming in attention ... Yeah, I noticed too.

TV ...
a Chelsea Handler's late-night snark
a Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's Newest Left Hand

Music ...
a More musicians saying 'iDon't think so' to iTunes
a Former Beach Boy Brian Wilson delivers 'That Lucky Old Sun'

Life & other stuff ...
a Mad About You: Having a Job That Ticks Off Everybody Isn't as Bad as You Might Think
a Informant offered rare look inside gang
a Superman's story: Did a fatal robbery forge the Man of Steel?
a Jeff Ruby's Day Off: The Closer tests the legendary Ferris Bueller Timeline Problem
a Obama Modifies 'Yes We Can' Message To Exclude Area Loser ... A great one from The Onion. Not only is the story hilarious -- as usual -- but the sign is classic, too.

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