Desperate no more

... I didn't like last night's "Desperate Housewives."

Talk all you want about the genius stroke of flashing ahead five years, I don't think it worked.

To me, last night's episode felt too scattered, too jumpy. And I thought the storylines -- aside from the somewhat amusing tiff between Bree and Katherine (though I also found it hard to believe Katherine would serve as an assistant to Bree) -- were mostly trite and predictable. ... Gabby's no longer fit for modeling and has two fat monsters for kids? C'mon, surely there was a better story for her than that?

In other ways, the stories were just unrealistic, even for Wisteria lane. As annoying and hollow as Susan could/can be, I can't imagine her being so unfair to Mike. We learned last night that Susan and Mike separated after a deadly car crash and she blames Mike for not checking their vehicle's brakes.

On top of that, none of the women -- minus Gabby -- looked a day older than we left them last season. Did the makeup artists get laid-off over the summer? ... Seems like all the kids on Wisteria Lane got pink slips too; how convenient that Lynette and Tom still have their evil twins, but the rest of their once full house has suddenly disappeared.


The bottom line is it failed to pull me in. And I'm not sure I want to continue watching.

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