Who's No. 1?!

Last night’s games are all you need to look at for evidence how stellar this weekend is going be …

Three races are going down the wire, and all the games that mattered last night were won in the final at-bats …

The Twins beat the White Sox in 10 to take over first place in the AL Central ... The Mets scored the winning run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to beat the Cubs. And Ryan Braun hit a grand slam for the Brewers to beat the Pirates in the bottom of the 10th inning at Miller Park.

That’s one fantastic night in baseball.

And now, with the Dodgers in, already some of the most exciting and storied franchises are shaping up for an October for the ages -- The Dodgers, the Cubs, the Angels, the Red Sox and yep, even the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Get the Brewers in there and all my dreams come true.

Well, 80 percent of my dreams. The Tigers sure aren’t getting in.

Oh yeah, and I did catch the end of that Oregon State upset of USC. I’m surprised we’re not seeing any reports of trampling deaths with the strength of that orange-clad crowd pouring onto the field last night …

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