A guide to the new Chicago Tribune

The buzz is buzzing about the the Tribune's new look.

I'm really intrigued.

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Matt and Lynne said...


Let me guess:
Bigger pictures, though not necessarily more.
Local content is moved, although that doesn't mean more local content. Probably means shorter "blurbs" culled from press releases.
Less space for investigative journalism and storytelling; more "quick hits" and "quirky" stories, that people can talk about around the water cooler.
More numbers, more graphics, more pull out quotes and cut outs. Less context, less depth.
Reefer after reefer to online content. (Like links to things you can google.)
New names for sections.
New columnist pictures.

I noticed in their little video/advertisement, public service and investigation finished pretty low on the 'whole new look'.
And, of course, less actual newspaper. And a better print-to-ad ratio. My god, above all else, a better print to ad ratio.

The "how to do things cheaper" section (called 'Smart', I think) looked interesting.

They stacked Chicago on top of Tribune! My God! Revolutionary.

And I love The Trib.