Welcome to the human race

... On a morning when I was convinced things couldn't get much worse -- the economy is facing doom, we're fighting a war with no end in sight, gas prices are guzzling our money, we're afraid of losing our homes, our job statuses are in shambles ...

I got two Mountain Dews for the price of one from the soda machine.

At least our home teams are still playing baseball too -- all of our home teams. The Brewers are in, the Cubs are in, and the White Sox got in tonight ... Holy crap.

I've been drowning myself in music today, thanks to MySpace's nifty new music player. Hush Sound, Ben Folds, Imogen Heap.

Given the circumstances, my friend Laura sent me this. With the words, simply "Watch."

She added, "Imperative."

... Everything is going to be ok.

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Matt and Lynne said...

Man, I loved that song in all the trailers for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it wasn't in the movie and I've been wondering what the name was forever. Thanks. Good song.
Oh, and back tracking a bit - that sucks about work. Unfair and wrong, but I guess we can only be glad that we were spared. Talk at you soon.