It's all debatable

Some week.

Six people got laid off in my office. Six hard-working people who are passionate about their work. Done. Gone.

We knew it was coming. Every employee received a letter from the company last month -- a two-page letter that is now legendary within our company hallways for the way it rambled on about the state of our industry and then buried the real meat in the last two paragraphs: staff reductions will be made.

Though, as some in my office have pointed it out, it is amazing we’ve survived this long. When you look at our competitors in the region and others across the country, everyone’s facing the same dilemmas. We’re a dying breed … On “The Daily Show” this week Jon Stewart referred to our product as “the printy thing that smudges your fingers.”

* * *

We watched the debate last night ...

In addition to keeping a close eye on the Brewers game, of course.

I thought Barack Obama was the winner. Everything McCain fired at him -- or really, fired at Jim Lehrer -- Obama had a ready answer. I can't remember McCain ever facing his opponent to talk to him directly.

Obama really held his own, I thought.

Still, the line of the night might have been the text about the debate I recieved from my friend Matt ...

Every piece if clothing John McCain is wearing was given to him by the family of a person killed in a tragedy. That jacket -- owner trampled by a horse.
He's ha-larious.

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