Sunday reading

Here's some of my favorites reading for the week ... Have fun!

Sports ...
a Baseball to formulate instant replay proposal ... Under the parameters given -- and after watching that botched home the other night at Yankee Stadium -- I'd support it.
a Mike Piazza announces his retirement from baseball ... He was a good one. I'm with Lasorda -- I hope he goes into the Hall as a Dodger.
a The Bizarro Supermen
a Wrigley through the decades ... a nice slideshow, especially of the earlier years.
a It'd be foolish for Bulls to pass on Rose ... I agree. But I'd be heartbroken if they traded Heinrich.
a Derek Lowe Asks Coach If He Could Dip Out Around Fourth Inning ... Hilarious Onion read.

Politics ...
a Obama, Clinton, McCain Join Forces To Form Nightmare Ticket ... Good Onion read
a Youngest Brother Enhanced Legacy, and Built His Own ... A good read on Ted Kennedy

The Internet & Media ...
a How Many Friends Is Too Many? ... A really good read from my friend Raechel ... For the record, I keep my MySpace exclusively to people I know personally, people I've worked or gone to school with -- and bands or TV shows I've seen and like to keep tabs on. Facebook is more restrictive, and I like it.
a Facebook preparing for redesign to clear clutter ... interesting.

TV & Entertainment ...
a 'Wicked' will close Chicago run in January ... and I'm quite proud to say Kates and I were one of the first to see it -- with Ana Gasteyer. ... Here's a slideshow.
a Crossing the Finish Line, 'SNL' Shows Some Late Kick ... Ooh, it's gonna be good.
a Where We Got By Walking in Their Manolos ... Ah, Sex in the City. Good times.

Travel ...
a Pump pain
a The Nighttime's the Right Time to See D.C. ... True that. My time touring D.C. during a night last year was one of the sweetes experiences of my life ...
a Have laptop, will breeze through security?

Life & other stuff ...
a New name game: Aiden Aidan bo Aden . . . fee fi mo Aydin
a Emily, Jacob remain most popular baby names ... Two names we really like and considered, but quickly threw out for that reason.
a The World's Wildest Architecture ... very cool!. I want to work in that basket.

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