Lucky Friday

So get this ...

This morning at work I was hungry for a snack. I was craving M&Ms ...

So I went to the candy machine and put in a dollar. I wanted the peanut M&Ms. E-10 ... Except I didn't notice there was a "10" button. Instead, I pushed the "1" and the "0" buttons and got E-1 -- the beef jerky.

I groaned, stuck in another dollar and pushed E-10 ... But the M&Ms package got caught and didn't drop ... And my shaking the machine didn't help.Come on!

Ah, but I pressed the coin return button and got my entire dollar back in quarters. I inserted the money once more, pressed the E-10 buttons ... and got two packages of M&Ms! Bonus!

But it got even better this afternoon ...

On my quest for a Mountain Dew, I put my two quarters into the soda machine and two cans of Mountain Dew came barreling out.

Emerging from our break room, I held them up to my office mates. They said I should head for Vegas.

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