Dramatic TV

... So Syesha went on Idol last night after all.


It was fun to hope for the unthinkable for a little while at least ... Before the David-David final was announced I mused to Kates, "How great would it be if Ryan said 'Syesha ... You're Safe,' And then left it between the two Davids for the final spot."

But it didn't happen.

* * *

After we finished watching Idol last night, I stayed up to watch a documentary I've been wanting to catch on National Geographic.

I'd seen the "Battle at Kruger" video on YouTube last summer (uh, yeah. Amazing!), so when I read about the documentary I was just as fascinated and intrigued ...

It's worthy watch that dissects the 8-minute attack, from the thoughts and positioning of each animal to their characteristics in the wild, in addition to interviews from the people who were there to capture it and watch it unfold. It's pretty fascinating. Catch it if you can ...

In the meantime, here's the infamous video ... To get the full impact, you must watch the whole thing. I promise the outcome is worth it ...

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