Thursday night TV

It’s fun to have a full slate of Thursday night TV again. Sort of like the good old days “Must See-TV” on NBC. Only now, the once lowly ABC is stacked, too …

Scrubs … J.D. and Elliott had better hook up when the series ends next week … I’ve never gotten that deep into Scrubs, but it is a charmer like no other. It’s been a good run at Sacred Heart.

The Office … I enjoyed the Stanley vs. Michael storyline (Seriously, who fake-fires?!)… And Pam’s glasses dilemma -- I can relate. I’ve been wearing my glasses all week because my contacts, which I ordered weeks ago, haven’t arrived. I think I missed a step in the online ordering process … The story of my week. I've temporarily lost my desk and I've been feeling as though I'm living in "The Office." Or worse yet, "Office Space."

30 Rock … I liked it. And it's still ranking as my favorite sitcom on TV right now. Not only is Tina Fey the coolest, her on-screen chemistry with Jason Sudekis (Overland Park, represent!) is worth watching. Last night’s show, once again, was chock-full of great lines … and I totally got the Peter Venkman reference.

Grey’s Anatomy … I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed watching Katherine Heigl in an episode of Grey’s more than I did tonight. Izzy’s finally in a decent place, it seems, and some of the looks on Heigel’s face were melting -- the scene with her chomping on a bag of chips while Addison (Nice to see her again ... Leave that Private Practice and get back to Seattle Grace, Addie!) was talking to her was pretty comical … And the final scene with McDreamy and all three of his women -- past, present and future? -- stepping into an elevator, and then McSteamy’s face when he found them together -- priceless. To quote EW: "... the banter, the humor, the awkwardness, the sexual tension — those key ingredients were all cooking." ... And best line goes to Meredith: "We screw boys like whores on tequila." Ha-larious!

Lost … I’ve ceased to try predicting the next moves on this one. I have a hard enough time keeping up with all of the subtle clues and twists … I did like tonight’s flash forward featuring Jack and Kate. It was kind of reminiscent of the good ol' days when Jack and Kate were swooning over each other, and before we had to deal with all the mind games of Locke and Ben. After all, the episode did start with the opening of an eyeball. Always good ...

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