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I wasn’t thrilled that “American Idol” was doing The Beatles again tonight. I’m a strong believer in the notion that it’s nearly impossible to duplicate a good thing, and tonight was proof of that … There were only two clear successes. Meanwhile, the race for who goes home this week is wide open …

Amanda Overmyer started it off tonight with “Back in the U.S.S.R.” … I liked it, and she looked tonight like she was having as fun as ever. It definitely showed in her performance -- she looked good. … But about midway through the performance I also started thinking exactly what Simon said when it was over, she’s starting to get boring. And we’re hearing the same style from her week after week

Kristy Lee sang “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” -- great song! (Which she had never heard before!? Kristy Lee, c’mon!) … I kind of liked the arrangement, but she was pitchy and clearly unsure of the melody …

David Archuleta did “The Long And Winding Road.” One of my least favorite Beatles songs, definitely my least favorite of their hits … David sang it well, but that was it. He totally played it safe. He picked an easy ballad. And all the teenie girls go wild. He’s like Amanda -- it’s getting to a point where -- no matter how pure his voice is -- we know what to expect every week …

Michael Johns sang “A Day In the Life.” Nice, I was thrilled to hear he was trying it (and that there finally was a contestant who had heard of The Beatles! … Seriously, were you kids raised in Antarctica!?) … But it didn’t translate well on the stage. The judges are right, he’s gotta stop sorting himself out and just bring it -- which he hasn’t done since he blew us away with his “Bohemian Rhapsody” during Hollywood week.

Brooke White… Have I mentioned how much we love her!? The yellow dress. The charm. Singing “Here Comes the Sun.” … So the judges didn’t like it. Fine. She’s still great.

David Cook did “Day Tripper” … and rocked it! Performance of the night! Liked the vocoder, too… I never thought I’d be saying this a couple weeks ago, but he’s really starting to grow on me. He’s definitely a sleeper in the competition …

Carly Smithson sang “Blackbird” … One of our favorite songs, and she nailed it. She’s the girl to beat.

Jason Castro sang “Michelle.” Didn’t like it.

Syesha Mercado sang “Yesterday.” … Tough song. Big risk. I thought it was all right.

Chikezie sang “I’ve Just Seen A Face.” … I cheered out loud when I heard the song choice. Another one of my favorites … But I didn’t at all dig the slowed-down beginning. Then he sped it up and added the harmonica. Then, like Simon said, he went all “Achy Breaky.” It was definitely schizophrenic. I think he tried, but there was no way he was going to top last week …

Ramiele sang “I Should’ve Known Better” … Good song. Poor performance.

David Cook and Carly Smithson were my favorites tonight -- hands down … I’m picking Ramiele, Kristy Lee and Jason Castro in Wednesday’s bottom three.

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Matt and Lynne said...

I was so pumped when I heard they were doing the Beatles... but they should not have gone to the well a second time. Ugh. Bad. and they knocked off the wrong person. I thought everybody (except the rocker) was not so good.
I can't believe these kids have never heard of Beatles songs. They're everywhere!
Great to see you and katie this weekend.