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So Brett Favre made it official yesterday. He’s retiring.

Man, I’ve watched the thing like a five or six times and I’m still getting choked up ...

We watched it all live on the TV in our office. Actually, I had logged on to the watch it on the Packers Web site … Then Brett broke down barely 10 seconds into the thing, I saw the crowd gathering around our office TV and I joined the group for the spectacle …

Few of us expected him to be so emotional … At times we were ready to cry with him. And there were moments we just laughed, stunned at the flood of tears. And, of course, some of the women were all ga-ga about how cute Brett looked …

At one point, my friend Laura deadpanned “I should call him … ” and reached for the phone as if she was about to call Brett Favre right there in the middle of his press conference and convince him not to retire. “Don’t do it!” she shouted … It was a hilarious moment.

Throughout the news conference, Brett had some super quotes, too. One of them I wrote down: "See life through the windshield and not through the rearview mirror."

But I’m not backing off my initial thoughts when I heard the news of Brett’s decision the other day, and he made it clear today – it was time. And I applaud Brett for recognizing that and leaving at the top of his game.

Sure it sucks, but this season – Super Bowl, or not – was a phenomenal ride for Brett, the Green Bay Packers and all of us fans. There are too many variables in the NFL for the Packers to guarantee another season like it. The team would have to stay healthy, other teams would have to have off years, all the stars would have to align …

And I wasn’t so sure that was going to happen.

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