America's Top 12

And suddenly there were 12.

Without Danny Noriega. I wasn't over it when "Idol" started tonight ...

But, hey -- for the first time in Idol history -- tonight was a tribute to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. We were totally having fun, and by the end, I'd almost forgotten last week's travesty ...

It also helped a lot that the guy I thought should have gone before Danny gave the performance of the night and, arguably, one of the most memorable of the competition so far ...

Holy crap, Chikezie! He blew the roof off the studio!!… The dude, who I’ve never completely understood, did “She’s A Woman” and started it off with a down home “O Brother Where Art Thou?” thing (Kates was beaming when she called it before the judges). Then the band kicked it in high gear, and there was Chikezie totally rocking out. Kates and I loved it so much we were left as breathless as he was after the performance. Who knew he had it in him!? And if he can keep it up, he’s totally in …

And that means, by george, David Archuleta is human! I picked out his Stevie Wonder version of “We Can Work It Out” the moment he stepped from the stairs. He fumbled the words. He seemed totally out of place. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from our years watching “Idol” -- never start on the stairs.

Carly Smithson barely stood a chance of me liking her performance because she sang “Come Together,” one of my least favorite Beatles songs. But she still sang it well enough to remain the girl to beat.

And Brooke White is right behind her. Love her! Loved seeing her at the piano. Her version of “Let It Be” was passionate and heartfelt and priceless.

David Cook’s rock-out version of “Eleanor Rigby” was pretty sweet. And Amanda Overmyer finally looked like she was having some fun tonight -- I really liked her version of “You Can’t Do That” too.

Michael Johns' version of “Across the Universe” was OK. So was Syesha Mercado’s version of “Got To Get You Into My Life” -- though I really loved the brass on it.

I couldn’t have agreed with the judges more on Ramiele Malubay's boring version of “In My Life.” And the same happened on Jason Castro’sIf I Fell.” Which sucks because those are two of my most favorite Beatles tunes.

Didn’t like David Hernandez at all.

But he wasn’t near as bad as Kristy Lee Cook’s “Eight Days A Week.” I was totally OK with the idea of a country version, but her arrangement of it was plain awful. The look on my face when she finished it must’ve looked like I had a toothache …

I predict Kristy Lee goes tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes, that country Eight Days a Week was bad. It was like the band and the singer were doing two different versions.
I felt bad for that high school kid. How could he know Imagine, but no Beatles songs?
I liked the blonde girl and I thought the Irish girl (I don't know anyone's name unless they played for the Mets) were awesome.
You don't like Come Together? What's wrong with you????