Another American shocker

Danny Noriega -- one of my favorite guys, not to mention the entire 'Idol' competition -- was booted tonight.


Say what you want about his attitude and flaboyance … But Danny and lil’ David Archuleta -- to me -- were the most consistent and fun-to-watch vocalists in the whole group. I always got a kick out of his attitude (ish!) and his performance chops, and I thought his rendition of “Tainted Love” on Tuesday night was really kind of cool.

Never mind that Kady Malloy, Luke Menard and Asia’h Epperson went tonight too. Kady should have been gone last week. Luke was barely average. And Asia’h was decent, but I always thought her voice was weak -- plus she got more negative points Wednesday night for wearing those uber-distracting chest-high pants

So Alexandrea Lushington, who I considered one of the top girls, was booted last week. And now Danny’s gone …

I don’t think I want to watch “American Idol” anymore.

* * *

So after watching the boys on Tuesday night, I had hoped it would be David Hernandez and Chikezie to go … But if I was to place a bet, I would have put it on Luke Menard and Chikezie. Turned out I was half right.

Luke sang Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” Yeah, I thought it was a surprising song choice, too, but I also thought he sang it well. And I can’t blame him for picking it -- it is a decent ‘80s song.

David Archuleta. Geez. Stop the competition now. The kid’s got it… Ryan Seacrest teased us before his performance that he would be singing Phil Collins, so I mused he could sing “Against All Odds” or perhaps “Sussudio” (joking!)… But he goes and does a cool “Another Day in Paradise.” I do agree with Simon, though, David’s gotta start finding some upbeat songs.

David Hernandez? Singing singing Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back”? Really!? He sang well, but I wanted him dropped just for attempting that song …

Michael Johns sang Simple Minds' “Don't You (Forget About Me).” Breakfast Club soundtrack. 1985, baby … Excellent song choice for him. Great performance. At least I still have him as one of my faves.

David Cook … It took us a few bars to figure out the song he was singing, then came the “Hello” and we realized it was Lionel Ritchie’s song. In unison, Kates and I did a “ugh” … Then he picked up the pace a little bit and rocked it out. It’s the first performance of Cook’s that we’ve really enjoyed, and now we’re kind of hoping he gets into the Top 12.

Jason Castro did “Hallelujah.” One of my all-time favorites. He got it.

Chekezie did “All the Woman That I Need.” …Another groaner. Didn’t Like it at all. Plus he already sang it for his audition.

* * *

After watching the girls Wednesday night, I would have bet Kady Malloy was gone, along with Amanda “I‘d rather be anywhere but here” Overmyer, or Ramiele Malubay ...

Seriously, the last couple weeks Amanda has looked like she couldn't be having any less fun. Her performances have been just poor enough that I'm surprised she's still in the competition. But mostly I get that the feeling that she just wants to hop on her motorcycle and ride away from all the crying girls ...

Speaking of crying girls, Ramiele did do "Against All Odds" and I didn't like it. She's another one I thought should have been out weeks ago.

On the other hand, Carly Smithson shined again with her rendition of "I Drove All Night."

And I thought Kristy Lee Cook totally upped her odds with her country-fied version of Journey's "Faithfully." She took the judges advice and nailed it ...

Brooke White kept up with the contenders with her version of "Love Is A Battlefield." ... I love her soulful voice. And for once I disagreed with Paula -- I'm glad she didn't bring in the band ...

And then there was Syesha with another Whitney song -- "Saving All My Love (For You)." I liked her performance too.

Carly, Kristy Lee, Brooke and Syesha are clearly the girls to beat.

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