Sunday reading

Some of the stories that caught my eyes during the last week ...

Music ...
a All I Want for Christmas Is Not To Hear That Song

TV ...
a Schulz: The Good and The Grief ... Admittedly, this story is past due (and I did watch the program; it was pretty darn good). But it's still a worthy read.
a TV breeds the new male star

Baseball ...
a If they hear it once, they'll hear it 100 times: It's been a century since Cubs' last title
a Fukudome is a quality import
a State looks to buy Wrigley

Politics ...
a As a Republican, I'm on the Fringe
a Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Pitch in Iowa: ‘I Love the ’90s’
a The Front-Runners: Understanding the Leading Presidential Candidates
a The Ghost of a Father
a Obama's Cheering Section Ups The Volume
a The two Andrew Jacksons: Was 'Old Hickory' a great president or an American Hitler?
a A Miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue

The Internet and media ...
a About Facebook! Forward March! Scholars Are Falling Into Line to Maneuver Through New Territory
a News flash: Donald Trump sells Brooklyn Bridge
a The wide open world of widgets
a Gathering news not only for the next day but for now

Life and other stuff ...
a Chicago ... without us
a Granny Got Game: Wii's Move-Around Style Appeals to a New Demographic
a Expecting The Expenses: $25 Diapers, $12,000 for Day Care, And What to Do About College?
a Study finds humans still evolving, and quickly
a Study: Why Pregnant Women Don't Topple
a 6 tales of financial revenge
a The Elite Apple Corps: A Hundred Million Strong, Every One of Them Cool
a Riding the zip line at Moaning Cavern in California

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