Movie night!

Kates and I cleaned two movies from the DVR tonight -- two movies we've long wanted to see. (Sorry, we just don;t get out to the theaters much anymore. Horrendous prices. Inconsiderate teenagers. What's the point?)

First up, Along Came Polly ... Eh. Jennifer Aniston was adorable and entertaining as usual. But I've never been a fan of Ben Stiller movies, and this was another throwaway, I thought. Hank Azaria was wasted as the unintelligible, marriage-ruining, scuba-diving hunk Claude -- and you can put Philip Seymour Hoffman's chartacter in that category too. Alec Baldwin's character was ruined by his mafia image -- blame it on my being used to his Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock.

Next up, Bewitched ... Bedazzling. We were well aware going in that the critics hated this one. But there was something about it that drew us in and it delivered. A cool and different take on the storied TV show. ... Nicole Kidman was enchanting, and Will Ferrell, for once, showed some range (I'll echo here what I said about Ben Stiller movies. The same goes for Will Ferrell. Loved him on SNL. Hated Old School.) And Kristin Chenoweth shows up well again as the cute little neighbor next door, leading a strong cast of secondary characters that includes Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine and Heather Burns ... Recommended if you're a sucker like us for whimsical colors and storylines.

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