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... So I just finished watching tonight's edition of Dateline about the McCaughey septuplets. I got sucked into it after seeing a promo for it during tonight's NBC News (which I was watching on DVR after Kates had fallen asleep. Yes, I DVR the news. I'm such a news junkie ...)

The report was fascinating, touching, humbling and adorable all wrapped in wonderful fashion. That and Ann Curry is a dang good interviewer ...

* * *

So the Cubs landed Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome. Sweet.

But the best part of the Tribune's story today was this ...

One of Fukudome's biggest boosters is Cubs broadcaster Ron Santo, who now has the envious task of trying to pronounce his name without incurring any fines from the FCC.

"I talked to Pat Hughes about it and told him that's going to be a tough one," Santo said last weekend from his home in Scottsdale, Ariz. "He said, 'Fukudome.' I said, 'Easy for you to say.'"
If you regularly listen to a Ron Santo broadcast, you understand why the above passage is amusing. Man, I love Ron Santo.

Oh yeah. And seeya Mark Prior! ... Sure I enjoyed 2003 (and suffered from a major broken heart) as much as the next Cubs fan. But I've known this day would come since the Cubs brought him up to the big leagues in '02. With all the hype heaped on the kid, it was impossible not to be skeptical ... We are talking about the Cubs after all.

* * *

More baseball.

I just got served this link from my friend Matty.

It's a good read. And I'm sheepishly excited to see how it all transpires tomorrow.

Here's two more:
a MLB receives Mitchell Report
a Naughty or Nice? Baseball is eagerly awaiting the Mitchell Report

* * *

Finally, some YouTube fun.

My cohort Laura and I got on an ELO kick today after I came across this read on Paste. Lily Allen's "Mr. Blue Sky" cover is an ace...

That led us to the real ELO doing this superb live version ...

And that led us to this groovin' vintage promo video from ELO. (Be sure to watch for the guitarist bounding across the stage during the lyric "Running down the avenue." ... Nice).

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