Sunday reading

Some of the reads that piqued my interests during the last couple weeks ...

Baseball ...
a Dog gone it? Pap's pooch eats history ... Only Jonathan Papelbon could pull this off. The interesting thing is: Now the ball could be worth even more because the fact it became a chew toy adds to the lore ...
a White Sox radio adds Stone ... good for them. I can't stand Steve Stone.
a Update: Cremated remains on the Wrigley Field warning track

The Internet & media ...
a A change of hands for Tribune
a Randy Michaels to head Internet, broadcast operations
a Douglas Is NBC `Nightly News' Announcer ... When Brian Williams announced this on the broadcast this week, I did a "Whaaa ??" I'm not sure I like Douglas's voice as the announcer -- not dramatic enough -- but whatever ...

Politics ...
a Fla. Teen Documenting '08 Election
a Candidates scramble to cope with Huckabee
a Lashing Out From Under Cover: Hey, Play Fair!
a The Scribe Who Gets The Candidates' Vote

TV & movies
a Be thankful for TV, but not satisfied
a A TV fall to remember
a Strike Watch: Is the TV season over? A report from the picket lines in L.A.
a Hearing voices: More and more television shows use narration to advance story
a Anniversary for Drama 'Lou Grant'
a Slattery a man for all seasons (and all TV shows)
a An Actress Who's As Great as the Sum of Her Parts
a Hollywood's Trophy Strife
a News hounds pine for Comedy Central's Jon Stewart
a Stewart, Colbert Returning to the Air
a Year-end extravaganza: My Top 10 TV shows (and the runners up)

Music ...
a Led Zeppelin's time has come again
a In 'Walk Hard,' Records Speak For Themselves
a 'Grandma' got run over by the ratings, dear

Life & other stuff ...
a Chicago Might Sell Naming Rights ... This makes me want to throw up. Sorry, but U.S. Cellular Field is always going to be Comiskey Park to me, and no corporate named train, plane or park will ever influence me to buy that brand ...
a Crash kills astronaut's mom
a Spears pregnancy has families talking (and the related: Jamie Lynn Spears' mom's book on parenting delayed.)
a Mich. Man Learns Co-Worker Is Birth Mom
a The Santa Claus dilemma
a Wrangling with Christmas lights a ho-ho-headache
a Family drama, painful travels, obnoxious decorations make some say bah humbug

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