Sunday reading

Good reads that piqued my interests the last couple weeks...

Sports ...
a It's been 14 years since the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, but in many ways Tonya Harding hasn't moved on
a No Game for a Family
a Bulls' interim coach Myers will be stressing sacrifice
a Bulls' firing line could expand
a Boylan gets a chance to make Bulls his own
a NFL takes a sack in TV drama
a Which teams got their holiday wishes?
a Change won't gum up Wrigley ... I still refuse to call Comiskey anything but. And I will cry if Wrigley's name is changed. Like Morrissey says: "A corporation would have to be idiotic to come in, wipe out the name Wrigley Field and slap something like Great Dot.Com Ballpark across the front of the building and believe everyone will jump onboard." But that's not the point of his column ...
a Sports Illustrated does first-ever 3rd printing for Favre issue

TV & Movies ...
a 'Hunt' recounts search for John Wilkes Booth after Abraham Lincoln shooting

Media ...
a Driver who crashed into TV studio 'wanted to be on the news,' prosecutor says

Education ...
a Elementary Math Grows Exponentially Tougher

Looking back on 2007 ...
a Best & worst viral videos of 2007
a Best nation & world photos
a Best sports photos
a Predictions, please: The top 20 questions for 2008

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