Sunday reading

Some good reads from the last few weeks ...

Entertainment ...
a It’s hard work to become a Blue Man
a Mr. Television: Familysomething ... I stumbled across this one while searching for this story about Calista Flockhart.
a Heather Graham: Fun Is Her Middle Name
a 'Grease' is the word
a A bigger share of the couch: The late shift is starting to pay off for talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel. If not, Costco is calling
a With New Quiz Shows, 'Boob Tube' Earns Its Name

Media ...
a ABC News nipping at NBC's heels
a Big Profits in Small Packages: Little Newspapers Prosper With Narrow Focus on Very Local News
a Jailed Man Is A Videographer And a Blogger but Is He a Journalist?
a It's a new platform for comedy: For aspiring performers, Internet video sites are the new club circuit.

Sports ...
a Bush, Mantle Show Up on Derek Jeter Baseball Card
a Struggling Blackhawks losing games, fans

Music ...
a Piracy isn’t the only enemy
a Radio Stations and the Promotional Game: A Fatal Attraction
a Rougher around the edges: Jones sought a less refined feel for her latest album, "Not Too Late."
a Anniversary revives dark memories on Penny Lane

Everything else ...
a A Chip Off the Old Pringle? Not Exactly.
a Diaper Demographic: TV, Video Programming for the Under-2 Market Grows Despite Lack of Clear Educational Benefit
a Students Say Locker Size Is Cramping Their Style

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