March Madness ... ouch!

... I think I nearly broke my hand slamming it repeatedly on the floor as Xavier fought off BYU in the final seconds of their game.

I was cheering for Xavier.

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Anonymous said...

Dude. we went to probably a dozen New Mexico State basketball games this season... we can see the arena from the balcony on our apartment, for goodness sakes.

anyway, NMSU has Reggie Theus for a head coach, and they are a gritty bunch, fun to watch. They got 2nd in the conference and won the conference tournament (which happened to be AT NMSU this year - lucky)

anyway, we ended up 13 seed and played 4 Texas last night. we actually had a lead with 5 minutes to go, but we couldn't keep TX off the foul line, and hey made 19 of 20 or something ridiculous.

it's SOOOOO much easier to watch the NCAA's when you are rooting for an underdog - they are SUPPOSED to lose.... but when rooting for KU, typically a favorite to win it all, it's like "they're supposed to WIN, so they CAN'T LOSE!"

so yeah, no extreme depression after "our team" lost Friday (NMSU) but now I gotta start worrying about KU again. damn.

one of my Yahoo brackets was 28 correct out of 32 games after the first round. I don't know that I am doin so hot today, though.