The list

Kates and I were joking this past weekend with Orrin and Kelly about "our lists" -- the stuff we say we're going to do this summer or next year, even though there's not nearly enough money in our bank accounts or vacation days from our jobs to actually do any of it ...

... We really want to go to Europe.
... and San Francisco.
... and we want to go on a cruise.
... and I want to take Kates to Washington, D.C.
... and we want to go to Boston; I want to go to Fenway.
... and we want to ride a train across the country.
... and we both want to go back to New York.

And all of that is in addition to wanting new carpet in our basement.
... and new windows.
... and landscaping.
... and new siding.
... and maybe adding a second level.

Now we can add this one to the list too.

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