My apologies. There hasn’t been a lot of activity on this blog the last week or so. For good reason …

I had, oh, a not-so-great five days of work last week. And when I walked in the door at night, all my efforts were concentrated on our ongoing bathroom renovation and other chores around the house. And to incite me more, we were still getting snow on top of the piles of white stuff (or should I stay black, trash-filled stuff ) already covering our lawns and roads …

Ah, what a difference a weekend makes.

Mom and Pops spent the weekend catching up with Kates and I and helping us around the house. Dad and I installed our new sink in the bathroom. Mom made a splendid chilli for supper. And we watched A LOT of basketball. March Madness is here baby.

The doldrums of winter have finally lifted, and by the time Sunday night arrived, clocks reset and all, I sighed to Kates at one point, “I finally feel like I’m in a good place …”

The last drop of snow melted from our yard yesterday and I drove to work this morning under a bright sunny sky. Windows were rolled down. My new Shins CD playing on the car stereo …

And I was soaking in the knowledge that I would be coming home tonight to work in my yard, the NCAA Tournament starts Thursday, Opening Day will be here in 19 days, and Summerfest -- the 40th Anniversary edition -- which is 107 days away, is bringing back Ben Folds for a July 3 performance with John Mayer. (Kates called me this morning after hearing the announcement on the radio during her drive to work; it was a great moment).

Yep, the weather report today was 73 degrees and sunny in Chicago. Very sunny.

(Don't tell me about the forecast for the rest of the week. I know, I know ... Just let me bask in today ...)

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