Count me out

Another great day …

Another bad night of basketball …

… Kates and I arrived home from church this morning, had omelets for lunch and then I looked at the temperature gauge -- 80 degrees.

Are you kidding me!?

I was outside faster then … well … whatever you’d say when it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside and you’ve spent the last three months holed up in your house, enduring mounds of dirty snow and arctic-like temperatures.

I cleaned our gutters. I trimmed bushes. And I took out a stump leftover from a tree we cut down last fall. I was in holy jeans and a T-shirt. I was getting grubby and loving it.

Then I came in and caught the Carolina-Georgetown game. Woeful.

… Not only did I have Carolina going to the championship game in my bracket, but I’m loyal to Roy Williams and I’ve become a big Tyler Hansbrough fan this season …

But the Tar Heels healthy second half lead evaporated in what seemed like the blink of en eye. They had a chance to win it as regulation ended. Oh, they’ll get ‘em in overtime, I figured. Then they didn’t make a basket in the OT until there were seven seconds left and Georgetown was on the verge of winning a surprising blowout.


So the rest of my bracket goes like this: With Texas A& M being wiped out the other night and now UNC done today, I’m out in the East and South regions. I did pick UCLA to beat Kansas in the West Regional finale, and I had Florida beating Wisconsin in the Midwest Regional final, but Florida beating Oregon worked just as well. Then all I have to do is hope Florida goes the rest of the way (although I think I’ll be rooting for UCLA in my heart …).

Here's to next year for the Tar Heels ...

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