Grinning in the rain

As I drove home from work tonight, I grinned all the way ...

We got our first big thunderstorm. Crash. Boom. Bang.

The rain was coming down like rocks. Drops the size of marbles pelting my little green machine.

And there I was gliding down the road like I was the only person on it. Smiling, listening to my radio and having a good time.

(Well, ok, I wasn't driving like I was the only person on the road. There is a certain amount of trepidation driving in a hard rain. To be sure, I did have both hands on the wheel as I fought to keep control of my car on the flooded street.)

But as I began the turn into our driveway and saw my life flash in front of me. A blinding flash of lightning struck in front of me and then an ear-numbing burst of thunder. I thought for sure the strike had hit the giant pine tree in our front yard, but saw no damage. Whoah.

And no sooner had I parked in the garage, another one. Now, I could see our neighbors looking out their doors and windows for damage. It was crazy ...

Not such a fun storm anymore, perhaps. But at least its another sign of spring ...

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