Bracket busting


I just lost the first Final Four team from my bracket.


I needed that one.

... Memphis just beat Texas A&M in a game that the Aggies should've had. They had the chances down the stretch, but they couldn't make the free throws when they needed, they couldn't convert the easy shots when they needed, they definitely couldn't pull down the rebounds when they needed ... and, yeah, well, they got screwed on the final two seconds when the referees took waaaaaaaay too long to review that botched inbound pass and then knocked nearly a whole second off the clock ...

But hey! The Jayhawks won!

... barely.


I told Kates tonight that if they won this one, I might start believing in them.


... So is this my Thursday night. Kates is upstairs watching Grey's Anatomy, while I'm here in my cavernous basement den, just finished chomping a salad for supper and I'm screaming at the basketball games on my TV until my voice cracks ...

Now I have Tennessee and UCLA to root for.

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