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From the world of entertainment ...
a Raining on NBC's parade: Should Couric and Lauer be working an entertainment event?
a For Spielberg, mum's the word on 'Munich'
a Once a ratings doormat, ABC is in the running to win its first "sweeps" period in nearly six years.
a It's Mother's day: Hip sitcom thrives
a TVs turn into vending machines for programs

The craze that is the ipod ... have I mentioned that I want one?
a Consumers can personalize their iPods with assorted accessories

For all you 'Lost' fans ... (these are actually links leftover from last week. sorry. ... but they're still fun to read.)
a Showdown on 'Lost'
a Fame's a breeze for Holloway

Only in Wisconsin...
a Fishing group challenges world-record muskie as fraud

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Anonymous said...

Yo dude. You're a muscially inclined person (or so your wish list would have us believe). I thought you might like this music-review website that's done by a guy I work with. (Acutally, he's the guy who sits next to me mocking me all day. Hmmm, I can't think of anyone else who ever sat next to me and mocked me....But there must have been someone, sometime....)