You go Royals!

So I'm sipping my Russian tea, watching Sportscenter and I saw this scroll across the bottom line -- 'Royals sign Mientkiewicz, Grudzielanek, Elarton, Bako.' My eyebrows raised, I said 'wow.' ...

Say what you will about these guys nearing the end of their careers or lack of productivity at times, but they're all strong leaders and veterans who have played on some darn good teams in their careers. Mientkewicz, of course, with the World Series Red Sox; Bako and Grudzielanek (Cheese state native!) were both keys for the Cubs -- and it still baffles me why the Cardinals didn't hold on to Grudzy.

These guys know what's it like to win and these moves do good for my sweet spot for the Royals ...

(on another subject ...while surfing for news on the above story I found this baseball blog: http://griddle.baseballtoaster.com/ ... Have fun people.

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