Joey meets Eddie ... again

OK. Who's brainy idea was it to pit Adam Goldberg on 'Joey' as his long-lost high school buddy!?

Any semi-Friends fan knows Goldberg as the guy who played Chandler's freaky new roommate, Eddie, during a stint for the second season of 'Friends.' And knowing that made Thursday night's 'Joey' hardly worth it to watch ...so I only watched the last 10 minutes.

And another thing -- when is NBC going to quit with its exaggerated promos ... All last week NBC aired commercials promoting a 'big reunion' with scenes of a giggly Joey embracing a guy who we only saw from the back but looked like Chandler, for sure. Alas, there were no signs of Chandler and only the frustration that NBC had only overhyped a mediocre show again ...

I'm just saying ... !

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